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The Salon Tropics Staff has to be trained and certified to work at our salon. We also take refresher courses throughout the year as well as additional training on skin care, how the tanning process works, how to maintain our beds, and lotions so we can help you pick out the best tanning and skincare process for your skin. Ask us as many questions as you need, because we tan too! We know what works, what doesn’t, and we can help you find the best lotion to fit your needs to keep your beautiful, exotic tan year round!


We work hard to keep our salon spotless so you don’t have to let your mind wander from the daydreams of sand between your toes, waves crashing and tropical sunsets, not to mention all of the heads that will turn your way with your amazing tropical tan!


Of course, there is always one thing we have to ask of you — take care of your skin! The key to the ultimate tan is maintenance, so do what you can to keep it healthy and improve it. At the least, you should be using a Tan Extending Moisturizer at least twice a day, the best times being right after tanning and right after bathing or showering, as well as drinking at least 100 ounces of water per day. Whether or not you exercise at all, you’ll notice that you look slimmer, toner, and healthier just by having a tan. Besides, what’s sexier than confidence with a sexy tan?

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