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Salon Tropics Teeth Whitening Spa Services

Did you know that Salon Tropics Tanning & Spa offers teeth whitening spa services? You can get salon experience while you're whitening your teeth. That beats going to the dentist any day.

Salon Tropics provides a dental-grade teeth whitening kit as part of our teeth whitening spa services. This fast, easy, and effective teeth whitening solution is a gel formula with a desensitizing ingredient called potassium nitrate to keep your teeth from becoming too sensitive under the high-powered LED light.

BleachBright, our LED whitening kit uses BB-Cool Advanced III LED light to make your teeth two to eight times whiter and brighter than before. BleachBright also uses an exclusive remineralizing gel that protects your whitening, eases sensitivity, and rebuilds enamel.

Do you want whiter teeth? Then book your appointment for Salon Tropics' teeth whitening spa services today.

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