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Gleaux Getter



As Gleaux Getter, you get benefits and discounts on Sun, Spray, Spa, and Smile services and products. Your benefits and responsibilities as a Gleaux Getter Ambassador are outlined below.

Benefits to Gleaux Getters:

  • 1st spray tan free, 2nd at ½ price

  • 2 weeks of a Glow Pass (minus spray tanning), for each person referred, get an additional week

  • 40% off all products, and get free product for each person referred

  • Free Gleaux Getter Shirt, Insulated Tumbler, and referral cards

  • Free Photo Shoots with a professional photographer

  • Free branded Social Media templates 

  • Exclusive referral discounts for people referred

  • 20% off of their product purchase

  • $10.00 off Spray Tans

  • $50 off Teeth Whitening

  • $5.00 off Spa Sessions

  • $50.00 Glow Pass for 1 month (limit 1 per member)

  • Unlimited UV tanning, 1 Booth Spray, unlimited spa, only $15 for Custom Spray, and 50% off for teeth whitening.


Responsibilities of Gleaux Getters:

  • Must use Salon Tropics Tanning exclusively for all Spray Tanning, UV Tanning, and Teeth Whitening Services

  • Spend 1 day a month at Salon Tropics for photoshoot/ filming/ Social Media takeover day. This may take up to 4 hours. 

  • Representing Salon Tropics at relevant events (school functions, college games, etc.) and referring customers.

  • Hosting a Spray and Smile event with a minimum of 6 people (other than Gleaux Getter) in attendance

  • Post a minimum of 2 Instagram/ Facebook feed posts per month, tagging Salon Tropics in content, including before and after pictures, and promoting our special offers

  • Weekly Instagram/ Facebook stories posted tagging Salon Tropics 

  • 1 TikTok per month promoting Salon Tropics*

  • 1 Salon Tropics Story Takeover 

* *If applicable - will be discussed at the start of the Gleaux Getter program

Salon Tropics Tanning has the right to use all pictures of our Gleaux Getter Ambassadors on Social Media, Websites, and Promotional Advertising.



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