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How Do I Avoid The Orange Undertone When Tanning?

First, what causes the skin to look orange? Over-application (that can be too much product in one application and/or applying too frequently), using ‘budget brands’ that use lower-quality ingredients, and applying when your skin is noticeably dry.

Follow these tips:

Salon Tropics Tanning & Spa's products are formulated to counter the unwanted orange undertone by only using premium, Eco-Certified ingredients and skin softeners that produce the most beautiful tan while making you look and feel younger. 



How to Prep for A Flawless Spray Tan 

For the best results, exfoliate using an exfoliating mitt from Salon Tropics Tanning & Spa or a homemade exfoliant (with coconut or olive oil, and coarse sugar or sea salt - PLEASE no baby oil!) to remove any dry and dull skin. This will help to ensure an even application and a beautiful tan. Also, make sure to moisturize your skin using a product that is alcohol-free, mineral oil free, and petroleum-free (PLEASE no DOVE, Bath and Body Works or Drugstore brands!) no sooner than 8 hours before your spray tan - the more moisturized your skin is, the longer your spray tan will last!

Don't have the proper products at home? Salon Tropics Tanning & Spa have all of the products you need for before your spray tan as well as after your first shower -- even products to help extend the life of your spray tan. Just ask one of our Tanning Associates to help choose the right regimen for your skin type!

  • Shave and Exfoliate well the night before or day of your tan. Do not shave immediately before your tan. ​We suggest no sooner than 8 hours before your spray tan

  • Do not apply lotion or anything with mineral oils or petroleums on your skin the day of your tan.  

  • Make sure to remove makeup and deodorants prior to your spray tan.​

  • Make sure to get manicures, pedicures, or spa treatments before your appointment. If you are getting a pedicure immediately before your tan, we suggest asking them to not use lotion on your legs.

  • If you are not comfortable being nude, bring your swimsuit, underwear, or other garments to wear during your session. Your garments will get spray on them, so please wear items that you do not mind getting bronzer on. You can wear as much or as little as you’d like, just be mindful of your tan lines. ​

  • Bronzer will wash out of clothes, but for safety’s sake, we suggest wearing dark clothing or clothing you won’t mind getting a tan with you.

  • Be sure to bring loose-fitting, darker-colored clothing, and flip-flops to wear after your session. Tight clothing can rub off the bronzer and create streaking. If it is raining, please wear loose pants and a jacket and make sure to bring an umbrella.​

  • DAY OF YOUR APPOINTMENT: Do not apply any lotions, oils, deodorant, perfumes, or makeup. All of these can create a barrier on your skin that the tan may not adhere to. If you have the time, take a cool water shower with soap immediately before you come to make sure all products are washed off of your skin.


Step-by-Step Instructions for VersaPRO Booth Spray Tan

Watch the video below for step-by-step instructions on how to do the VersaPRO -- this video is also available on the booth for a quick reminder on the process. Please contact Salon Tropics Tanning & Spa with any additional questions you may have about the application process. 

How to Extend the Life of My Spray Tan

  • DO NOT GET WET for the suggested time frame after your appointment, which can range from 2-12 hours, depending on the solution used. You must not SWEAT, SHOWER, GET RAINED ON, or SWIM.  If you get wet, it can halt the DHA (bronzer) development process and cause streaking. 

  • RINSE TIMES will vary depending on the solution used, the amount of solution, and your desired results. Our Spray Tanning Techs will tell you the ideal rinse time for your session. 

  • Unless we spray you with one of our clear formulas, you will notice ‘brown’ running down the drain during your cool water rinse. This is normal. It is simply a cosmetic “instant bronze” color washing away as it is designed to do, leaving you with a beautiful bronze glow underneath!​

  • Use only a cool water rinse shower after your spray tan.​ Overly hot water will cause your spray tan to fade quicker. During your first rinse, use your hands (no wash cloths or loofahs) to make sure water has hit all areas of your body to prevent overprocessing. 

  • DO NOT wash your hair during your first rinse, this will cause streaking when the soap runs down your skin. 

  • Soaking in a bathtub will cause your spray tan to fade quicker - so stick to quick showers.

  • For post spray tan showers, we recommend showering with paraben-free, dye-free, sulfate-free, and mineral oil free Spray Tan Extending soap.​

    • Wash skin with products that do not have Mineral Oil and Sodium Laureth Sulfate, which can significantly reduce the life of a Sunless Tan. Ask our Spray Tan Technicians for recommendations. Our No-No list includes the following brands: Dove, Bath & Body Works, Victoria’s Secret, Oil of Olay, Jergen's, Vaseline Intensive Care, Curell, most bar soaps, any deodorant that is not all-natural, and acne body washes.

  • Be sure to MOISTURIZE after your first rinse! (Plus, hydrated skin simply looks better.) The key to a beautiful, long-lasting tan is super-moist skin since flaky, dry skin will shed and reduce the life of a spray tan. Continue to moisturize 2x a day for healthy-looking skin, avoiding products with the following ingredients: Mineral oil, Petroleum, and Denatured Alcohol (Alcohol Denat). These ingredients will cause your spray tan to fade quicker and possibly unevenly. We carry a great selection of tan-extending moisturizers and can recommend a product specifically for your skin type.

  • Avoid Shaving and Scrubs to protect against exfoliation, which fades Sunless tans. Avoid harsh chemicals, such as BHA, salicylic acid, and anti-aging products, including retinol.

  • Use gradual tanning products once a day to help extend the life of your tan. Make sure the bronzer matches your existing spray tan and your skin tone for natural results. 

Spray Tan Results

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