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Salon Tropics UV & Spray Tanning

If you're looking for the best in UV and sunless tanning, then head into Salon Tropics Tanning & Spa. We offer airbrush tanning, UV and spray tanning, teeth whitening, and more. Salon Tropics Tanning & Spa even provides the Perfect Tan Plan to get you the sun-kissed look you want— in as little as four to seven visits.

Our airbrush tanning solutions use high-quality ingredients like DHA (Dihydroxyacetone), Eurytholose, and numerous skincare and anti-aging ingredients to produce an even and natural tan. Additionally, Salon Tropics airbrush tanning is non-comedogenic so it won't clog your pores.

Salon Tropics' Glow Pass package gives you unlimited access to UV and VersaSpa Pro booth spray tanning as well as Spa Sessions, with an ultra-discounted price on airbrush tanning and teeth whitening. This includes all of our UV Tanning beds:

The P9-ExtraSun uses enhanced spectrums of UVA and UVB light for maximum pigment production for a darker, healthier-looking tan. It also has HyperRed LED lights to promote long-lasting skin color and soft skin while helping to boost collagen production, retain moisture, and combat hyperpigmentation.

The Extra Sun High-pressure bed offers maximum results by utilizing glass reflector technology that can darken and intensify your existing color, up to six shades in a single session, demonstrating how powerful, yet comfortable, high-pressure tanning can be.

Our Bonze Beds combine 28 traditional UV lamps and 14 SmartSun lamps, which are a combination of red light and UV out of the same lamp. This combination of UV and Red Light will provide a more golden, natural-looking tan. The stand-up Hybrid Sun offers Red Light paired with UV light to give you a healthy tan while combatting hyperpigmentation.

Our Build Beds provide an extra-wide surface, and comfortable cooling ventilation to keep tanners cool.

Our Base bed has 40 turbo and power lamps, high-pressure facial tanners, and an extended tanning surface.

In addition to UV Tanning and custom airbrush tanning, Salon Tropics also offers spray tanning with the VersaSpa Pro. The VersaSpa Pro is an open spray heated tanning booth with three spray nozzles for even full-body coverage. Our spray tanning rejuvenates the skin with breakthrough technology that eliminates the unpleasant odor associated with sunless tanning.

Check out Salon Tropics Tanning memberships online if you're searching for airbrush tanning or UV and spray tanning solutions. You can also conveniently book an appointment on our website. Or give us a call if you have any questions.

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